All Along The Watchtower (org. Öteden Beri Gözcü Kulesinde)

All Along the Watchtower is a dark fairytale set in an obscure Constantinople where an endless and enchanted forest devours everything. Fairies, djinns, and other creatures live in ghettos by the order of Padishah. Four young children from Byzantine and Genoese families try to unlock the secrets of a lost Watchtower that once loomed over the city. 

  • An enchanted, oriental city with a dark secret, where ghouls bake pastries, fairies take the stage at the famous night clubs, gods sell secondhand items at Grand Bazaar and Fairy Tale Writers Society is the only place you can find a lamp with a djinni inside.  
  • Ancient spells hidden in the pages of a cookbook full of traditional Constantinople recipes.  A vintage camera which can transport people into the secret places in the city.  
  • 3 children with prehistoric elemental powers and a child heroine that unknowingly carries the spirit of a reincarnated, obscure goddess and prophesized to sit on the throne of Constantinople.

A sinister Ottoman miniaturist called Black Ink (who is also a dark sorcerer Efrandisyab) who wants to transform Constantinople into a dark fairy tale 

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