All Along The Watchtower (org. Öteden Beri Gözcü Kulesinde)

With its vivid storytelling that unfolds layer by layer, the main characters of this fantastic fiction, Çay and her cousins, Simya, Sinan and Arat, take us on an adventure that never loses its enigmatic allure as they search of a lost watchtower, an ancient relic of Constantinople where fairytale creatures roam in the labyrinthine streets. 

The story takes place in a mystical version of Istanbul that existed in an “unknown time,” veiled in enchantments, and shrouded in the mystique of a fairytale world. The city, named Konstantiniyye, is ruled by the Sultan and is an intricate tapestry of cultural richness and breathtaking architectural marvels. Here, beings of fairytale creatures and mythological beings coexist harmoniously with humans. But now, Konstatiniyye, protected for ages by fairy tales from demons and dark sorcerers, has had its shield of protection weakened. A forest, its cursed or magical nature unknown, has laid siege to the city, reducing parts of it to ruins. Now, the four children must use hidden clues inside an ancient cookbook, objects concealed throughout the city, and, most importantly, the triangle of solidarity, courage, and love, to find their way.  

As the young adventurers venture deeper into the hidden corners of the city, they come face to face with Black Ink, a powerful fairy tale illustrator whose dark art possesses the ability to bring long-lost creatures of the dark to life. His cursed illustrations are known to drain the magic from the very fabric of the city, weakening its defenses against the encroaching darkness. Now, with his ink-stained fingers working feverishly to summon an ancient monster of unfathomable power, the children must race against time to find the watchtower which will be the only shield against Black Ink’s malevolent craft. For if the monster is unleashed, the city will surely meet its doom.

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