Istanbul: The Rose of Nothingness

When I was eight or nine years old, my mother found a chest full of old cloths in the ruined mansion next to our house in Kadikoy, an ancient neighborhood of Istanbul, once called Chalcedon. She sewed the dresses for me and my sister. These were caftans made with golden filaments, silk dresses, red fesses... Continue Reading →

Mysterious City Elevators

A 29-story building, a strange elevator in the building, and two children in the elevator... Delal Arya tells the mysterious story of Fûl, whose eyes resemble the depths of a forest, and Kâmuran, whose face is covered in brown freckles. An enchanting adventure that leads from neighborhoods resembling wormholes to captivating forests.

All For Stars by Tara Dairman

Gladys Gatsby is only eleven years old but she has already cooked 142 dishes from twelve different cookbooks. She loves cooking Vietnamese dishes, homemade hummus, tiramisus, curries, cakes with cardamom, Chinese sweets with green tea, soft cassoulets, and more. Despite her passion for cooking, Gladys leads a rather grey life in the suburbs of New... Continue Reading →

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