The Great Hibernation

Life is simple and peaceful in the town of St Polonius, set on a fjord between the impressive Fortinbras Mountains and the vast North Sea. The town's inhabitants surround their homes with thick walls against the north winds and live in single-story, single-chimney houses. None of them dream of big houses. None of them ever dream of leaving town and moving to bigger cities. They have no expectations other than life except to do their own work and take tourists who come around once in a while. Nevertheless, there is a sneaky game in the middle.

Big L Hotel

The story is written in diary-style using audio recordings. This is the journal of thirteen-year-old Kos, who lives at a hotel with his father and three sisters. He loves to play soccer and is enamored with a girl in his class named Isabel. His mother passed away from cancer three years ago. Kos has his own problems with each of his siblings – he uses the phrase ‘gone off the deep end’ to refer to them. The eldest sister, Libbie, is nineteen and trying to take on a motherly role to her siblings as she falls in love with a melancholic poet who stays at the hotel. Breek is fifteen and a goth; she wears only black, paints her face like a canvas, and adapts fairytales to rock music. Pel, the youngest, is nine years old. She wears her mother's clothing as pajamas, sings the songs her mother used to sing, and keeps an assortment... Continue Reading →

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